who am i and why do you want to know?
last modified: 2005-05-29 01:52:40

who am i? good question... simply put, i am me. barring the obvious, i mean that i am a very unique individual. (i am unique, just like everyone else...) i have been told this many times over. i have basically gotten used to being not like most people my age. i matured early, but that's a good thing, right? well, in my opinion it was just a little bit too early, so i missed out on having a lot of fun. maybe i will get to make up for it some day...

why do you want to know? another good question... you are here probably because i told you to visit my site. or maybe you found this link on another site. who knows. all that matters is you are here now.

one more thing... those of you who have seen earlier versions of my homepage (btw: this is roughly version 5 or so...) will remember me having a picture on the front page. well, you will not find a picture of me on this site for two reasons...

  1. i don't have a recent picture of myself. my most recent halfway-decent picture is my high school graduation photo (from several years back). i don't take many pictures, and am a little camera shy. (oddly enough, i have a digital camera, but don't like taking pictures of myself... go figure.)
  2. on the internet, people make up identities every day. even if i put a picture on my site, how would you know if it is even a picture of me or not? i could look like a model or a hunchback. you wouldn't know the difference unless you have seen me in person.

well, feel free to peruse through the rest of my site. you can read alone, a poem written during my one glimpse of creative expression. if you feel like sharing some info with me, then you can contact me here.