what do i do and how long have i done it?
last modified: 2005-05-29 02:06:21

what do i do? several things... for my "day job" i work for an internet service provider and web hosting company, powermedium, as a unix systems administrator. i help monitor a bunch of stuff, and i mainly work on trouble tickets for our numerous customers' servers and web sites. i also have "mad skillz" when it comes to web development (creating html, perl/cgi, and php scripts from scratch), some c/c++ programming skills (haven't used them in a while), and command line shell and perl scripting using freebsd and linux, of course. personally, i've never been much of a windows nt/2000 man; for some strange reason i can't seem to afford the software, nor can i make it do exactly what i want it to do. i also don't like the fact that certain services can't be disabled without completely disabling the machine.

i've been playing on the internet since 1995, back when frames and javascript were still brand new toys to play with. this was also back when netscape navigator was still fairly new, america online fit on just one floppy disk (many people had large collections of them), and internet explorer didn't exist as an "integral part" of the operating system (it also fit on only a single floppy as well). another highlight of that "era" was the fact that nearly everything worked just like it was supposed to, so you didn't have to make sure that your web site worked on 4 different browsers (netscape 4.x, netscape 6, internet explorer 4/5/5.5/6, mozilla), on three different computer platforms (windows, unix, macintosh), and 3 different monitor sizes (small, average, huge)...

my first job on the internet was in 1996 as a web developer at mississippi state university. it was then when i was introduced to this fairly confusing programming language called perl. it was also around that time when began to hone my skills using paint shop pro (it was a free download then, back when the concept of "shareware" was still alive and well), and later, adobe photoshop. since then, i have worked for four different isp's and two web hosting companies, moving along as circumstances deemed it necessary to move on to bigger and better things. over the years i have created several small scripts and applets that i use in my work to this day. (word to the wise; always keep backup copies of your work...) when i have a need for a program, and i can't find a suitable version on the internet, i usually take it upon myself to develop my own version. (just as i did with the software engine running this web site...) and, as any good programmer should, i try to keep it fully customizeable, clearly documented and easily upgradable. (it would be nice if all software came like that, wouldn't it?) i also apply those design strategies to any web site that i design.

why am i here? luck of the draw, perhaps? but why is anyone here? who knows. but i will strive to do my best so that i may fully justify my existence.