places to go, people to see
last modified: 2006-10-06 08:40:00

well, being that this is a web page, there should be some links to some other places. that's the nature of the web. where would the web be without hyperlinks to absolutely every other page on the internet? just hope that your favorite page is popular...

anyway, here are some sites that i frequent on the internet. note: seeing as how i am a "techie" (noun: a technically inclined person), not everyone can understand or appreciate some of these sites... but feel free to peruse them at your leisure.

navdot2.gif slashdot
navdot2.gif digg
navdot2.gif google
navdot2.gif linux
navdot2.gif freebsd
1x1.png navdot2.gif freshmeat
navdot2.gif sourceforge
navdot2.gif perl
navdot2.gif the b.o.f.h
navdot2.gif the bad astronomer