welcome to my world
last modified: 2005-05-29 20:20:28

welcome to my little corner of the internet. there's not much to see here, just my personal little rant site. basically it is something that i put together just so that i have an actual presence on the internet. i'm also using this site to practice some various skills and techniques in programming and web development. in other words, i made this site because i was bored.

by the way, this site looks just about the same whether you are using internet explorer, netscape, firefox, or links. it will work fine on most monitor sizes and resolutions. it also works if you are using windows, linux, or freebsd. (it probably works on mac osx as well, but i can't afford to buy such hardware...) personally i don't believe in building a site that blocks out a perfectly good web browser.

after a long hiatus, i've finally gotten around to updating and redesigning my web site. i've added a few things (i.e., the rants section), and have also taken out a few pages. i've also updated (and spellchecked) all of the content, but a lot of it still needs to be added to.